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What is the Patch?

East Hillside Patch is a grassroots, neighborhood-based community initiative started in 1997 in Duluth, MN. Patch (meaning a "patch of ground"), exists to address unmet needs of East Hillside/Endion neighborhood residents to make this area a positive place to live. We work with our neighbors to mobilize, organize, and carry out action projects aimed at enhancing community wellbeing and achieving social justice.

In recent years, Patch has focused its energy on providing a free youth program for children 6-14 in the East Hillside/Endion neighborhoods. Mind 2 Mind (M2M) provides safe and quality youth development opportunities, focusing on areas of academic achievement, social and life skill development, health and wellness, and advocacy for the youth and their families. For more information about this program, please click here.

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No Smoking Bus Stops
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Collectively orgainizing, creating, & sustaining an equitable, safe, & enduring neighborhood